It felt good to finally let that go.

Melissa McBride on Carol’s breakdown after they found Mika’s body, in audio commentary on “The Grove” (via leigh57)

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Chad mocking Mel for being afraid of Tyreese. I’m like, laughing and crying at the same time. These life-destroying motherfuckers. Ahahahahahaha.

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I don’t deserve … okay!

Melissa McBride on Carol waffling before accepting Tyreese’s epic hug of perfection, in audio commentary on “The Grove” (via leigh57)

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Top 10 Moments from the Audio Commentary of the Grove


Commentary spoilers below :) Also - screw it it’s 15 now.

1 Chad making fun of MMB trying to wrap the bandage and say her lines at the same time.

2. MMB mimicking baby Judith noises after the scenes cut (this needs to be my new ring tone like now).

3. “Carol did you just kill somebody?”…